Jumat, 25 Juni 2010

How to treat hair

Hello Friend ...
How are you doing ni ..
eemm .. for a friend who had a problem with dry hair or hair like and less pleasing to the eye:) he .. he
lo there is a gift from my hair in the form of tips on how to care for
Tipsnya following:

1. Activities that you live day-to-day
determine how often should you wash your hair. There is no standard
standard on how many days it should
wash your hair. However, if you more activities outside
room, wash your hair every day.
2. Avoid scratching your scalp when
wash your hair. In addition to the scalp will make the hurt, it also makes
natural moisturizer contained in the scalp is reduced. Make a light massage
on the scalp.

Three. To cope with very dry hair,
use the conditioner after every shampoo. Make sure you have rinsed the remaining
when put in the hair shampoo.

4. When hair is damaged condition, let
hair dry naturally. Wrap hair with a towel that is thick
and soft. Avoid rubbing your hair with a towel, because it would cause
increasingly tangled hair.

5. But, if you're hunted down time use
aid Hair Dryer (hair dryer) at medium temperature, conditions in the hair
moist. Try using hair dryer in the most safe distance, that is 3-4 cm
from the hair.

6. Dyer hair movement starting from the top until
hair down. This will make the hair cuticle closed the meeting. With
Hair thus seem more straight and neat.

7. Avoid pulling too strong to comb hair when using hair Dyer,
because it makes hair easy to break and fall out.

8. Use a round with the help of a comb
metal sections. This will make hair dry faster. Adjust the size of
comb your hair model.

Behold anyone who wants healthy hair ....?
Follow ja ya .. how to take care of him?
er da one more ni ...

TIPS glistening in a flash

Hair that's already broken it took long enough
to return to glow. But there are tricks to get around hair looks
more luminous in relatively quick time, namely:

1. For very dry hair using a hair mask (hair mask) minimal
once a week. Apply the mask evenly, leave for several minutes.
This treatment will make the hair feel more soft and shiny.
2. Or plain yogurt on the hair brush on one or two times a month.
Apply while hair in wet conditions, leave for 5 minutes to
producing more lustrous hair.
Three. To get the effect on the straight and shiny hair that is dull or
discolored, just use hair rollers and hair clamp for 10-15 minutes.
After that, spray hair shine (Hair lustres) evenly.

Come practiced yes ...?
Insha Allah tu Dry hair longer enforce TU ..

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